Travel plans may still be up in the air but who’s to say that you can’t have an adventure around home?

Before you start planning for a local holiday, why not check out HDB’s Heartland Spots? From historical sites to murals, thematic playgrounds and shopping complexes, Heartland Spots features a list of interesting places in towns across Singapore that are worth adding to your Singapoliday itinerary!

The first stop on our adventure in the East of Singapore takes us to Bedok – where you can learn about East Coast’s history, immerse in nature and art, and go on a water adventure.

Bedok Town Square

Built under HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland programme, Bedok Town Square opened in 2016 as a new community space where residents can come together and interact through activities and events. The first of HDB’s new-generation town plazas to be completed, Bedok Town Square is more than just a gathering spot for residents. Here, history buffs can also check out the Heritage Corner which tells of the rich history of the East Coast area.

Garden Hill Park Butterfly Garden

Located in Bedok North, the Garden Hill Park Butterfly Garden is a community garden that is cared for by Bedok residents. While its hilly terrain draws residents to the garden for a brisk walk in nature, did you know that butterflies are frequent visitors to the garden too? Butterflies are attracted to the garden as there are nectar and host plants which provide food and an ideal environment to lay their eggs. If you’re looking for a scenic trail with butterfly sightings, this would be a spot worth visiting!

Siglap East’s Walls of Inspiration

Designed and created by Siglap East residents, the Walls of Inspiration is a mural project aimed at transforming void deck walls into spaces where neighbours can chat over shared interests. Six themes were curated for the wall murals, namely sports, art, flora and fauna, ethnic, food and travel.  With the variety of art displayed, photography enthusiasts are in for a fun time snapping and exploring the unique murals.

Land and Water Adventures

Photo: PA Water-Venture

For thrill seekers looking for some fun in the sun and waters, PA Water-Venture at Bedok Reservoir is just the spot for you. Here, visitors can partake in water sports such as kayaking, dragon-boating, and even sailing! If you much prefer a dry(er) adventure, stroll over to the Forest Adventure obstacle course along Bedok Reservoir, where participants get the opportunity go on trapezes, swings and ziplines.

Looking for more heartland adventures?  Heartland Spots can be accessed through the Mobile@HDB App, as well as HDB Map Services – click here for a guide on how exploring Heartland Spots.

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