We all know the importance of staying active and healthy. The multiple jogging/ walking paths, 3-Generation fitness corners, and green spaces in HDB estates mean that seniors do not have to go far to get their heart rate up.

If you’re a senior who has been sedentary for a while, start slow and look for activities that are gentle on your joints.

1. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Photo: People’s Association

Dancing is a great form of exercise to keep senior residents on their toes, as well as a relaxing activity to unwind. It’s also often practised in small groups, which gives you an opportunity to make friends.  

2. Dabble in Martial Art

Photo: Chan Wai Meng

Tai Chi is a popular activity for seniors, with its slow, gentle and repetitive movements that makes it easy to follow. Martial art can also improve concentration and focus, as it emphasises breathing and meditation. You can often find Tai Chi enthusiasts at common areas, which affords plenty of space for movement.

3. Cultivate Green Fingers

Photo: Chin Boon Lian

Gardening is gaining momentum as a favourite pastime for seniors, as community gardens become more commonplace in HDB estates. Residents can reap many benefits from getting their hands dirty and collecting the fruits of their labour, which can also be shared with the rest of the community.

4. Parkour for All Ages

#HOTH: A Parkour Coach & Super Seniors

“Parkour” and “aunties” are rarely used in the same sentence, but these “Parkour Aunties” are used to defying stereotypes. Even though parkour is usually perceived to be physically demanding, the sport can help senior participants overcome their mobility issues and become more flexible.

The class meets at the shared space in Bishan for their parkour sessions

Each week, this group of sprightly seniors practise their leaps, flips and moves in places around their neighbourhoods with interesting architecture, such as playgrounds and mini amphitheatres. Read more about their parkour journey here.

Note: The images in this article were taken before COVID-19. Please adhere to prevailing health advisories.

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