Still thinking about that fitness resolution you made? Did you say you’ll get started… a few months ago? Don’t freak out. At least you thought about it!

Beginnings can be hard. Taking the next step to turn exercise into a regular habit is the next challenge. It’s easy to lose momentum and abandon our routines because something wasn’t quite right. Maybe the workout doesn’t have a good fit with your life – too difficult, too mundane, or just not your vibe. This article will help you get started with your #fitspo lifestyle in the comfort of your neighbourhood.

Start simple with realistic, achievable goals

Whatever your goals are, there aren’t any shortcuts. It’ll be a lot easier to achieve them when you break it down into smaller goals and work from there. Plan something that you can complete within the next 8-12 weeks. It could be as simple as:

  1. Running a certain distance continuously within a time limit (e.g. Cardio/Endurance)

  2. Doing a number of push-ups (or pull-ups) consecutively (Strength)

  3. Touch your toes when you do a forward bend (Flexibility)

Make it a habit

With the first goal figured out, you’re ready to get started – now you just need to plan it so that it can develop into a habit.

  1. Put it in your schedule – Make time for it! You should try to do the same exercise 3 times a week, for no longer than 30-60 minutes each day.

  2. Get someone who can guilt-trip you to keep going.

  3. Find ways to make it less of a chore for you. It might be as simple as having a Spotify playlist or even some TV series that you’d usually binge watch

But not like this…

Made for All

While a gym membership will definitely be useful, it’s much easier if you start off at home, or around your home. Cut out the travel time and double up on motivation! Fitness corners and walking pathways around your home are great places to get started.

Many HDB projects have ‘3Gen Playgrounds’ where the children’s playground, adult fitness corner and elderly fitness corner are located close by, enabling families to spend some active time together. You might also find new workout buddies here!

A basic circuit routine to get started

Here’s a simple routine to get started – you can do this at home or at a fitness corner. No equipment needed!

Do 3 sets of this:

20x squats

10x push-ups with knees down

10x lunges for each side

Then end off with a 10-min leisurely jog around the neighbourhood. You can alter the routine to suit your preferences and fitness goals. Feel free to tailor your routine to include crunches and planks if you wish to work on your core.

Keep Going

Sounds easy? Time to get started on your #Fitspo life! Let us know your favourite workout at our MyNiceHome Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any health conditions. Always consult a qualified health professional or doctor on any matters regarding your health. By performing any exercises listed in the article, you assume the risk of and responsibility of injury, personal property loss or damage.

  • Nicholas Yau

    Photography and design geek who loves reading about smart home products, and usually ends up buying most of them. In his free time, he’s lifting his best life at the gym.

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