Many may know Kampung Admiralty as public housing for seniors. But in this vertical kampung, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

This first-of-its-kind integrated development brings public housing for seniors, healthcare, childcare, eldercare and wellness all under one roof. Here in this kampung, the facilities and services are so comprehensive that residents hardly need to step outside of the development to get by in their daily lives.

Medical facilities? Check. Hawker centre? Check. Supermarket? Check. A nice air-conditioned space to hang out and keep fit (aka the Active Ageing Hub on Level 6)? Check. Residents literally have everything ‘under their block’!

Awesome food options at the hawker centre on level 2

The active ageing hub at Kampung Admiralty

Of course, Kampung Admiralty’s many amenities also serve the larger community in Woodlands.

The draw for the youngsters is definitely Starbucks, as well as food joints like Makisan, MOS Burger and Yakun. Meanwhile, the playground and the pre-school on Level 6 beckon the little ones.

A vibrant kampung

The most ‘happening’ spot in Kampung Admiralty is surely the community plaza. Weekly exercise classes and art performances are just some of the many regular activities that residents can look forward to.

The community plaza is where all the excitement happens!

In contrast, the community garden is perfect for some peace and quiet. A gardening committee will be formed to maintain the garden. This includes deciding the types of plants to grow. Now that’s what I call true ‘Kampung Spirit’!

Kampung Admiralty was officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 12 May 18. A kompang group kicked off the opening ceremony, followed by an exciting banghra performance and lion dance. The event saw a huge crowd, as many turned up to check out this modern day kampung.

Check out the highlights from the official opening of Kampung Admiralty here!

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