Singapore’s first eco-town is filled with a myriad of attractions, scenic and historic spots. Now you can go on an adventure around Punggol with Our Heartland Trails smartphone app!

Before leaving home, download the app first using Wi-Fi, as you would need to load the Trail data files within the app as well. The download is nearly 50MB, so use this tip to save on your mobile data usage.

Once you arrive at Punggol, you can use the app to find interesting places around you, and make use of the built-in wayfinding features to plan your trip. Punggol is designed with a cycling network, so you might want to grab a bike to get around quicker. The App would suggest cycling routes as well!

Here is our suggested itinerary:

Head all the way North-west to theJewel Bridge, as this scenic point is the furthest away from Punggol Central. The bridge’s iconic ‘Jewel’ is a popular spot for Instagrammers. Also, remember to take the stairs down for a closer look at the unique Floating Wetlands!

As you make your way back to Punggol Central, check out this curious mural ofRobots in Lovebelow a bridge.

At Punggol Central, there are numerous hotspots, such as the SkyGardens at the Waterway Terraces, and Waterway Point mall.

Step inside the Punggol Discovery Cube to learn more about Punggol’s history and glimpse into this town’s exciting new developments!

The East side of Punggol’s Waterway is a meandering path between new housing developments, unique bridges and recreational facilities.

End your adventure with some good food in@Punggol, while enjoying the soothing views of Serangoon reservoir along the Riverside Walk.

Remember to upload your photos of Punggol online, and tag us (@mynicehome) so that we can share your lovely shots! Feel free to also send us your photos at

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