With many of us staying home during the pandemic, online shopping has become part of our daily lives. From electronics to household items, we can get almost everything delivered to our doorsteps. Waiting in anticipation all day for your parcel to arrive, is set to become a thing of the past with a parcel locker near home.

A parcel locker is a secure locker that lets online shoppers conveniently collect or return their purchases anytime.

Parcel lockers are certainly not new, and can be found in places like malls, post offices, and MRT stations. However, unless you are living in Punggol or Bukit Panjang, where many parcel lockers were placed in HDB areas as part of a pilot, it might have been hard to find a parcel locker near home.

Amidst the e-commerce boom, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched a nationwide locker network operated by Pick Network. By early 2022, 1,000 Pick lockers will be available islandwide, including HDB estates. The lockers have been located such that one will only be a 5-minute walk away from your home. With the lockers available 24/7, 7 days a week, you can pick up your parcels whenever they want to.

A Convenient Shopping Experience

Lockers by Pick Network are located at HDB blocks islandwide
Photos: IMDA

When checking out your cart online, select locker collection as your delivery method. When the item has been delivered to the parcel locker, you will receive a notification to pick it up. Security measures such as CCTVs and sensors to verify parcel deposit and retrieval provide assurance that the goods end up in the hands of the rightful owner.

Enhanced HDB Living Experience

With lockers by Pick Network available islandwide within HDB estates and malls, HDB residents can pick up their parcels after a day of errands, shopping or dining, all in one trip – making their daily living more convenient.

For residents who are keen to do to their part to combat climate change, the parcel locker also supports a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Consolidated deliveries to Pick locker locations will reduce repeated trips due to failed deliveries – lowering fuel consumption, traffic congestion and emissions caused by traditional delivery. These efforts will ultimately contribute to creating a cleaner, greener and more pleasant living environment for all.

This initiative by Pick Network joins a growing list of innovations in the heartlands, such as a year-long trial to use robot couriers to deliver groceries and shopping in Punggol, and another trial to provide smart letterboxes for residents. Together, they are set to revolutionise and better the HDB living experience as we know it.

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