Mention Sembawang, and the word ‘ulu’ comes to mind immediately. But that association is changing, with better and more accessible transport to take you there – and the fact that Sembawang has a lot to offer in outdoor fun!

If you are looking for a bit of tranquillity, Sembawang Park may be your answer to a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living. Located at the end of Sembawang Road and facing the Johor Straits, the 15-hectare park boasts a natural beach, a maritime themed playground and lots of greenery!

Shape up in the park

For runners, the park promises a scenic jog, and glimpses of Singapore’s naval heritage. For something more to pump up the adrenaline, fitness enthusiasts can choose between the exercise area or bond over the fun, instructor-led group workouts typically held on Sunday mornings.

Reel in the fish

Besides the luscious greenery, one of the distinguishing features in Sembawang Park is the 30m jetty which was partially constructed and then abandoned by the British during the Japanese occupation, during which it was subsequently completed.

Today, it has become a popular fishing ground, and fishing enthusiasts can look forward to a bounty harvest of marine catfish and flower crabs!

Stroll by the beach

If fishing is not your game, head down to the shoreline to enjoy a stroll along one of the only 2 natural sandy beaches in Singapore.

Having fun at the battleship

The maritime-themed playground is also a huge draw for many children. Nestled in the centre of the playground is a life-sized ‘battleship’ made of wooden planks and galvanised steel. Complete with gun turrets, propellers, smoke stacks and a rudder, children can have loads of fun charging up the battleship.

Appreciate heritage

The Beaulieu House is another not to be missed sight at the park. It is one of Singapore’s most well-preserved heritage buildings. Once the residence of a few senior British navy officers, including Vice-Admiral Geoffrey Layton, it is currently a well-known restaurant serving a mix of Chinese and Western fare. It is also one of the few restaurants that overlook the open sea at the park.

Grilling while hanging out

Since it takes a little more effort to travel all the way north to Sembawang Park, make the most of your trip with a picnic. If not, rediscover the simple joys of ‘cooking’ with your friends or your family, over an open flame at the idyllic park.

Go fetch

The Sembawang Park is also a haven for dog owners. With a space of about 2½ basketball courts, you can bring your pooches to get their workouts or ‘play’ leash-free at the revamped dog run in the park.

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  • Britina Tan

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