Over the past few years, more people have taken up cycling as a leisure activity. However, storing the bicycles at home, while maintaining the overall aesthetic, can be quite a challenge. Here are 5 functional bicycle storage ideas that also look good.

1. Pole Racks

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One of the common bicycle storage ideas is to install a bicycle pole rack. This fuss-free solution lets you store two bicycles for the floor space of one, while making for an eye-catching statement. This flat for instance, has a painted wall in a contrasting shade to draw attention towards the display.

2. Wall-Mounted Brackets

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Unlike the pole rack, wall-mounted brackets blend in more seamlessly. These slim brackets allow your bicycles to take the spotlight without looking too out of place in your home. It’s no wonder that this bicycle storage idea will be a great fit for virtually any interior style.

3. Feature Wall

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Displaying your bicycles on your feature wall involves the use of wall-mounted brackets. However, as feature walls require planning and design work, do discuss this bicycle storage idea with your interior designer beforehand.

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This unique pegboard-style feature wall comes with frosted glass sliding doors, enabling home owners to keep the doors open to display their bikes, or keep them closed to minimise dust.

4. Partitions

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While it doesn’t provide absolute privacy, this out-of-the-box design idea lets you stow your bicycle away while ensuring that your home still feels bright and breezy.

5. Built-In Carpentry

An easy way to keep your home neat is to opt for built-in carpentry.

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If you want to integrate your bicycles as part of your home décor, take a page from this HDB flat. This full-length cabinet with its wood-like laminate shows off up to two bicycles, while blending seamlessly with the Scandinavian aesthetic of the home.

Photo: Qanvast

Alternatively, if you prefer storage ideas that help you access your bicycles more easily, you could opt for a half-height storage cabinet! Collapsible doors take up little space while keeping your bicycles dust-free!

This article was adapted from a version first published by Qanvast.

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