Toddlers and young children are filled with a sense of wonder, eager to explore and learn about the world. Unlike older children though, they are not always aware of the safety hazards in their environment. To parents and parents-to-be out there, here’s a list of essential tools to make your home child-friendly and a safe haven for the young ones.

Safety gates

Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, the entrance to the kitchen, balcony or any other places in your home that may be unsafe for children.

Plug socket covers

Conceal electrical outlets with plug socket covers so that young children will not stick their finger or any other objects in the outlets.

Bumper guards

Cover up the edges of tables, wardrobes, drawers and chairs with bumper guards or foam – this prevents injuries from happening if your child were to trip and fall at home.

Door stopper

Attach door stoppers to the door frame to reduce the loud noise and potential injuries that may occur from the doors slamming shut.

Electrical tape

If your electrical appliances and its wires are within reach of young children, consider taping the wires to the wall to prevent accidents from happening. Alternatively, unplug your appliances and wrap the wires neatly.

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