Looking for a better way to organise and display your shoes? Here are some shoe storage ideas that are not only practical but can double up as a design feature too.

1. Pipe-Inspired Shoe Rack

Plastic pipes are a fun, unique and space-saving shoe storage solution that also work well for corners. While white pipes are perfect for minimalist homes, don’t be afraid to add a dash of colour by painting them in your favourite shade.

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2. Tension Rods

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Tension rods are a fuss-free and creative way of organising your high-heeled shoes! Install these rods between two walls and hook the heels of your shoes on them.

3. Under-The-Bed Storage

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Another nifty way of storing shoes, especially those that you use only on occasion, is in under-the-bed boxes or drawers. Do remember to measure the space you have under your bed, before you go shopping for storage solutions!

4. Ladder Shelf

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

A shoe shelf fashioned from a ladder is a great option for footwear that look too nice to hide away. Also, you no longer have to rummage through the cabinet looking for shoes to go with your outfit.

5Metal Grid Panels

Photo Credit: Burkatron

Metal grid panels are an affordable yet creative way of organising footwear. These metal grid panels are easily available too – they can be purchased from IKEA or the neighbourhood hardware store. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Hang your shoes or lay them on top of the grid – you decide!

6. Wooden Crates

Photo Credit: The Merry Thought

Wooden crates are an unconventional way to organise your footwear while adding a touch of Scandinavian to your home. Paint the crates to fit the colour scheme of your home or have it as-is for a rustic vibe. Stack them up in any way and decorate them with your favourite succulents!

Depending on your home and needs, there are many ways of storing and organising your footwear. Have your very own unique shoe storage ideas? Let us know via our Facebook page or mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

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