The set-up of your bedroom is just as important as the quality of your mattress. Just as how a mattress could make or break a good night’s sleep, your master bedroom layout plays a crucial role in setting your mood right for the day ahead, or just before you retreat to bed.

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Keep the layout simple

The master bedroom is where most of us wind down at the end of a day, so why not keep the space simple and neat? After all, we know how a disorganised and cluttered space do little to help us relax. Consider a minimalist design and keep only the essentials in view in your bedroom. If you’ve got dressers or bedside tables, try not to clutter it with gadgets or knick-knacks.

Create an illusion of space

Just like an open concept kitchen is free of barriers and walls, an “open concept” room helps open up the space and makes the bedroom look and feel larger than it really is. Instead of a room cramped with furniture (e.g. placing a wardrobe in the middle of the room), flush your bed and wardrobe against the walls to make the most of the available space.

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The bigger the better

They say two is better than one, and the same might be said for bedrooms! For those who prefer an even more spacious layout, you could hack the wall(s) in the adjacent room and watch the master bedroom double in size. (Friendly reminder: Be sure to check your floor plan and get approval from HDB before hacking any walls.)

Turn the extra space into a dressing room cum walk-in wardrobe, or even a home office for WFH days. Or if you’d prefer not to hack a wall, you could borrow the hotel concept of adjoining rooms too.

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