Practical yet stylish, it’s no surprise that monochromatic homes are climbing up the popularity ranks. Monochrome just refers to different shades of a single colour, but despite the endless possibilities, the grey monochrome palette seems to be the most popular.

Grey is one of the most popular monochrome palettes

So if you’re looking for some ‘reno inspo’, here are 4 tips to design your very own Kinfolk-ish home.

Play with Textures and Patterns

Picture frames are great for adding dimension

An all-black, white, and grey interior can look a little flat. Don’t be afraid to break the monotony with texture, such as a woven rug, patterned wall-paper, framed paintings, or even zebra prints. Add some character and dimension to your home with curvy furniture (think couches and coffee tables).

Start Subtle

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While an edgy charcoal grey room may be tempting, the dark hue can be slightly overwhelming in large amounts. Consider painting most of your walls a light, warm grey and save the intense shade for an area that you wish to highlight, such as a feature wall.

Pro tip: Paint generally turns out darker on walls than in the can, so if in doubt, choose the lighter shade.

Strike a Balance

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While an all-grey décor can look sophisticated, look to mixing in neutral colours such as cream, beige and brown to balance the colour palette and avoid monotony. The room can still look elegant and chic.

Include Contrasting Accents

Going monochrome doesn’t mean you can’t liven things up. Be versatile and complement your white walls and black furniture with a pop of colour in the form of furniture or accessories, such as rugs and centrepieces. You can also throw in accent materials such as wood, to add interest to your décor.

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