Nothing quite beats a relaxing hot shower after a hectic day, and a well-designed bathroom can definitely add to the experience. Below are some bathroom makeover suggestions for every budget.

For the Budget Conscious

Not only is it stylishly timeless, the minimalist theme also invokes a feeling of calm. More importantly, you can achieve this without extensive hacking, tiling and plumping works, which means cost savings.

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Working with the bathroom fittings that come with your flat can cut costs. Additionally, opt for off-the-shelf fixtures such as mirrors and vanity units instead of customised carpentry to save on the bill!

Off-the-shelf bathroom mirrors and vanity cabinets, some of which come with wash basins and taps, are readily available in the market

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Imbue the space with your personality by decorating with quirky ornaments from your previous travels or paintings from art jamming sessions. Adding a dash of green with potted plants can also make the space come alive. This works particularly well in a predominately white bathroom.

For Those Willing to Spend A Little

It might cost more but changing the bathroom tiling can bump its aesthetic up to the next level. No matter your design theme, a bathroom could benefit from interesting tiling. Looking for a luxury look? Faux marble tiles will give you that much-needed sophistication. Making a bold statement? Some octagon tiles will do the trick.

Together with some customised furnishes, the overall look will definitely leave your guests (and yourself) impressed.

Off-the-shelf bathroom mirrors and vanity cabinets, some of which come with wash basins and taps, are readily available in the market

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For Splurge-Ready

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If you’re looking for the ultimate bathroom, consider including a bath tub (yes, it’s possible!) for that ultra-luxurious experience in your very own HDB flat. This however, requires good planning to maximise space in your bathroom. Here are some HDB guidelines on installing a bathtub to help you get started:

  1. Bathtubs must be installed within the bathroom area, and no extension is allowed.

  2. There must be a void beneath the bathtub, and the void area cannot be filled with cement mortar or other materials.

  3. There should be an inspection opening for future maintenance.

  4. Weep holes must be provided.

  5. The floor slab and waterproof layer must not be tampered with, to prevent leakage to the lower floor.

Be sure to also check out other HDBguidelines on bathroom renovation at HDB InfoWEB, and discuss your plan early with your designer or contractor to ensure a smooth renovation journey.

A space-saving soak tub still allows your body to be fully immersed

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Consider getting a smaller-sized bathtub or even a soak tub. While soak tubs are deeper and shorter than conventional bathtubs, they require less space while still giving you the five-star-hotel experience.

Now that you have heard from us, do share with us any other money-saving tips or ideas to add that oomph to your bathroom design.

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