Did you know that buyers of BTO flats can choose to have floor finishes installed by HDB under the Optional Component Scheme. New BTO projects launched from February 2019 also come with glazed porcelain floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

However, if you intend to get your own flooring done, the number of flooring options in the market may just overwhelm you. To help you in this process, we have shortlisted 3 popular flooring materials for your consideration. Before embarking on any major works at your new home though, get familiar with HDB’s guidelines on laying and replacing floor finishes here.

1. Vinyl

Made from PVC, this hardy flooring option is affordable and very adaptive. With its thin and modular construction as interlocking sheets, vinyl flooring can be applied to rooms and spaces very quickly. You can also lay it above existing tiles, as long as it complies with HDB’s guidelines!

Vinyl flooring can simulate other materials that may be usually difficult to maintain, such as natural wood

2. Cement Screed

While it may seem a little bare, this option is perfect for home owners seeking a raw, minimalist style or an industrial-themed home. Cement screed floors may even appear powdery or patchy depending on how the surface is sealed, and it is much more susceptible to cracks and scratches.

The cement screed effect can be applied to walls too.

Cement screed doesn’t come with a polished finish – but that is the beauty of it. Over time, the surface will develop a patina, filled with wear marks, stains and fractures blending in with its original imperfections. Embrace the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

3. Tiles

This is the most common flooring option, and practically essential in some areas of your home, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, due to its hardiness and resistance to stains. Most tiles are generally hardy, and damaged pieces can be replaced without having to redo the whole floor.

Large, polished tiles in light tones are popular choices for living rooms, as they make spaces look much bigger and inviting

While most homeowners get their design inspiration online via apps and sites like MyNiceHome, selecting tiles is much easier if you head down to a store or showroom, and take a look at the selections available.

At showrooms, you’ll learn that the industry has made great strides and there is myriad variety beyond the typical marble, porcelain tiles and hardwood flooring. There are products mimicking materials and textures too. Decorative tile designs such as vintage Peranakan and antique Art Nouveau, have also returned as mass-market reproductions. With a wide variety of materials and sizes, you can say this option is very versatile – a floor for every budget and need.

Which flooring option did you pick for your home? Leave us a comment or drop us a note at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!

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