If you’re looking to buy a new HDB flat today, it’s likely you would have considered whether it is in a mature or non-mature town. This estate classification was first introduced in 1992, to categorise HDB towns based on the availability of undeveloped land.

Back then, non-mature towns like Punggol and Jurong East had more undeveloped land available for public housing, and amenities in these towns were yet to be fully developed. On the other hand, mature towns like Ang Mo Kio and Queenstown were already built up, with comprehensive amenities and transport infrastructure.

Say hello to Standard, Prime and Plus!

Over the years, however, non-mature towns have become more and more developed, with connectivity and amenities comparable to mature estates. With the distinction between mature and non-mature towns blurring, it is timely to move away from the current classification.

From the second half of 2024, individual BTO projects within each town will be classified under the following categories: Standard, Prime and Plus, based on their locational attributes. The types of  BTO projects on offer will be announced at each of HDB’s sales launches.

With this new classification, eligible first-timer singles will able to apply for a new 2-room Flexi BTO flat in all locations across Standard, Plus and Prime housing projects, so they enjoy more housing options!

What are Plus Flats?

You might be familiar with Prime flats, but what about Plus flats? Plus flats are a new category of flats, in choicer locations within each town.

As they would command higher market values given their attractive location, Plus flats will be priced with additional subsidies to keep them affordable for a wide range of Singaporeans. Plus flat owners who choose to sell their flats later on will have to pay a percentage of the resale price of the flat, reflective of the extra subsidies they received. Plus flat buyers will also need to occupy their flats for a longer Minimum Occupation Period of at least 10 years.

Comparison of Standard, Plus and Prime Flats

Here’s a quick guide for you to understand the new Standard, Prime and Plus classification for BTO projects:

 Standard FlatsPlus FlatsPrime Flats
Sale ConditionsStandardTighterTightest
LocationAcross all locations, and will remain the majority of our housing supplyChoicer locations within each town (i.e. may be near transport nodes, town centres)Choicest locations within Singapore. Projects in prime and central locations (e.g. city centre and surrounding towns, including the Greater Southern Waterfront)
MOP5 years10 years10 years
Subsidy recovery upon resale of flatNoYes; lower subsidy recovery rate than Prime flatsYes

This means that within each town, there will be a varied mix of Plus and Standard flats, on top of Prime flats in central locations. This will offer Singaporeans a wide range of flats to suit different budget, preferences, and needs.

Wait – what about existing flats already launched by HDB?

As the new classification will be implemented for BTO projects from the second half of 2024, existing flats which have already been launched by HDB will not be affected by this new estate classification. Prevailing resale eligibility conditions will apply.

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