First-time home owners Kenneth and Xinrong talked to us about buying their BTO flat and the $48,000 housing grant they received. They let us in on their HomeStory and their gorgeous home.

Dressed in bold colours and a smorgasbord of patterns, Kenneth and Xin Rong’s HDB flat in Bukit Batok is exactly what they intended it to be – a cosy, artsy space filled with elements they love.

Home owners Kenneth and Xin Rong, with daughter Kaia Rose

Playing with Colours and Textures

“We really like the colour blue, and have incorporated it where we can,” Xin Rong smiles. “We chose a deep hue as Kenneth prefers darker spaces. I lean towards brighter tones, so that comes through in the gold accents that carry throughout our home,” she adds, gesturing to a sunburst mirror which contrasts brilliantly against the dark blue wall of the dining area.

The dining area is also where the couple displays collectibles from their trips. “These souvenirs remind us of the good times we shared and at the same time, add character to our home,” they explain.

Kenneth and Xin Rong's collection of paintings

Creating a Bright, Spacious Home

In designing their home, the couple shared that they knocked down a wall between the living and dining areas to open up the space. Additionally, since many of the family’s activities— such as eating, hosting, and working— take place at the dining table, they decided to place it in the designated living room which is more spacious.

The living room

What was meant to be the dining area was then redesigned as a cosy lounge space, where the family often spends quality time together.

Kenneth and Xin Rong's sofa

“We prefer talking to each other over watching television, so we did away with the TV altogether,” Xin Rong laughs.

Although much of Kenneth and Xin Rong’s home features its deep signature blue, their flat does not feel gloomy. To maximise the amount of sunlight that filters in, the home owners chose curtains for their home, with the sheer day curtains lending a light, airy feel. Curtains also offer an unblocked view of the estate. In the kitchen, an arc was built into a wall to let even more light in.

Flexibility First

With the exception of the kitchen cabinets and master bedroom wardrobes, the home is furnished with loose items. “We like the versatility that comes with non-built-ins. This way, we can refresh the look whenever we wish!” the couple says.

Majority of the furnishings are non-built ins

Having such flexibility also means the house can evolve with their family. In the bright and lively nursery, accessories such as a leather armchair, wooden cot and soft toys decorate the room. “Without built-ins, we’re able to rearrange the furnishings so that the room can be transformed into a play area when Kaia Rose grows older,” they say with a smile.

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