In this 4-room flat at Clementi, homeowners ‘quanjiafuhome’ (a phrase they use as their Instagram handle to mean ‘blessed home’) enjoy the best of both worlds in many ways. Taking on a ‘modern farmhouse’ theme, their home is an elegant blend of rustic and contemporary elements, with a balance of dark and light tones in its design.

Finding ‘The One’

“We’ve got a very good unit, and we chose this because his parents live nearby at Buona Vista,” shares the missus. Their home cost $535,000, which they are financing through a 25-year HDB loan, paid fully with their CPF savings.

In searching for their ideal home, the couple prioritised affordability. After a few unsuccessful attempts at BTO sales launches, they applied for a Sale of Balance flat under the Married Child Priority Scheme. They opted for a 4-room flat due to its larger supply.

After securing a unit much to their delight, they set out to create a timeless but not-so-minimalist look for their home, on top of their goal to maximise space.

Easy, Pretty Cooking

Enter their open kitchen – a pretty yet practical space they are proud of. Shaker style cabinets and an island with vertical panels were used to create a charming farmhouse look. Brass gold cabinet handles, a glossy marble-like backsplash, and black framed windows were added for a modern touch.

Dark grey laminates were used for the bottom cabinets to add contrast and also for easier maintainability.

“We like our kitchen as it is efficient and very easy to clean. It might not be a big space, but we have been able to cook together without any trouble,” says the missus. They positioned their sink, fridge, and countertop in a triangle for a smooth flow of their cooking activities.

For easy cleaning, they chose a backsplash without grout lines, a pull-out sink tap for convenient washing, and a dishwasher to ease cleaning duties.

Their hack for a sleek looking kitchen? A two-tier kitchen island. Besides expanding countertop space, the tiered design also hides items placed on the lower tier from view.

Bright, Airy Space with Interesting Accents

For a bright and airy feel, the couple modified their study room wall to create a window.

A palette of cream tones, and walnut wood and gold accents was chosen to create visual interest. They also incorporated other interesting features such as mismatched dining chairs, wood-like beams, and a lattice door.

View of the living room from the study room window. Wood-like beams add to the rustic farmhouse aesthetics and integrate their living room lights seamlessly.

Instead of a barn door, the couple chose a modern lattice door for the study room (left). Patterned tiles in their toilets add flair to the design (right).

“The lattice door was a splurge, but totally worth it for its aesthetics,” said the missus.

A corner clock beside their kitchen window and dark wood toned bedroom fixtures add interest to the spaces.

The mister, on the other hand, developed a new interest in plants to uplift their home interiors. “I felt like something was missing, and after browsing social media, I realised that plants help to make a space look livelier and cosier,” he shares.

To maximise space in the home, the couple opted for multifunctional items. These include a vanity mirror with a soap and tissue dispenser, as well as an oven that can bake, toast, steam, air-fry, and microwave. Their bed also doubles up as a storage space.

Their non-minimalist toilet – emerald green tiles, marble-veined sink, and a vanity mirror with an automatic sensor soap and tissue dispenser.

The bed with storage space was among their most expensive furniture investments.

The newlywed couple’s nest shines through its little details. “The joy is real, this feeling of coming home to a sanctuary where we can unwind and relax,” the missus shares.

To the mister, home is “when we’re together,” he smiles.

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