For Peter and Gene, all they wanted was to transform their 5-room resale flat in Punggol into a comfortable abode to call their own. “This is our first HDB flat, our first renovation, and the first home that our son would be growing up in, so we were excited to embark on our home ownership journey,” shares Peter, a freelance hairstylist.

Gene and Peter, with their son Yang Zhe

Purchasing Their First Home

A key consideration for the couple when hunting for their first home was space. “Our flat is a good match for our needs,” Peter says. “It was love at first sight– we immediately took a liking to the flat’s spaciousness, the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room that open up to the view, and the generous spacing between blocks which allows us ample privacy.”

Accessibility to amenities was also a priority for Gene. “Discovering the nearby facilities became a highlight in our flat-hunting journey, because that’s when it became clear to us that HDB towns are built to meet the daily needs of residents.”

Residing in Punggol

The couple’s home is a stone’s throw away from green spaces such as Punggol Waterway Park and Coney Island. The flat is also located near the Punggol Park Connector, which conveniently links to other surrounding parks such as Sengkang Riverside Park – a perfect complement to Peter’s active lifestyle.

“Before moving to Punggol, I was training for a marathon in this area, and thought it was an excellent neighbourhood for exercising,” Peter recalls. “I enjoy being able to run or cycle in the surrounding parks. For longer exercise sessions, I just have to get on the park connector, and I’ll be able to explore other green spaces.” 

Gwen, on the other hand, enjoys taking leisurely walks around the neighbourhood. “Punggol truly is an eco-town – there’s plenty of greenery everywhere and I feel closer to nature whenever I go on walks,” she smiles. “I like taking my son, Yang Zhe, on strolls to visit the nearby gardens.”

“We love how the amenities cater to young families such as ours – this includes the childcare centre located at the ground floor of our block, wet markets and supermarkets,” Gene shares. “Getting around is convenient as well, as our flat is within walking distance from Punggol MRT station, which is on the North-East line that we’re familiar with.”

A Timeless, Blue and White Interior

When deciding on the overall look and feel of the flat, Peter shared that he sought a clean-cut look. “I wanted our home to look sleek, but not necessarily minimalist. We also wanted a pop of colour, and eventually decided on the blue and white shades which our interior designer suggested.”

Another suggestion the couple adopted from their interior designer was the transformation of the existing cosy corner in the living room. “Instead of demolishing it, we decided to give it a refreshed look by painting it in my favourite shade of blue. We also added a divider, to further demarcate the space.”

In the dining room, the couple incorporated a large dining table that could double as a work desk. “We’re used to working in the dining area, and wanted the same for our new home,” Peter smiles.

A statement piece, the dining table is made of a limestone tabletop and walnut wood frame

The open concept living space is extended into the kitchen, as the home owners wanted a more seamless look throughout their home. “We decided to do away with the kitchen door, for a seamless and spacious feel. While we cook regularly, we don’t usually indulge in heavy cooking, so the design works for us,” Gwen says.

The glass pendant lamp over the countertop adds a dash of character to the kitchen

For the en suite and common bathroom, the couple chose a different design for each of them. While the common bathroom features the same colour accents as the common living area, the en suite was designed to give off a more relaxing vibe. “We were inspired by spas, and deliberately chose wall tiles of a more rustic, stone-like finishing to replicate the look.”

The common bathroom (left) and en suite (right)

“I think even if we were to move elsewhere in future, this flat will be the one that I’ll remember the most. After all, it’s where our first child is growing up in, and also where I’m learning how to be a full-time stay-at-home mother for the very first time. This space will always hold a special place in my heart,” Gwen smiles.

This article was adapted from a version first published on Qanvast.

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