Decorated Christmas tree, check. Customised ornaments and fairy lights, check and check. With Christmas around the corner,  one can almost hear the crackling of the firewood in this cabin-inspired flat in Ang Mo Kio.

It’s starting to feel a whole lot like Christmas

Decorating for the Holidays

For the Lius, getting their home ready for the holidays began as early as November. “It’s never too early to shop for the holidays,” Mrs Liu laughs. “Start early for more cost savings and to avoid rushing.”

She recommends investing in a centrepiece, such as a Christmas tree or a wreath, and starting fun traditions such as customising ornaments to celebrate family milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

The festive corner features a Christmas tree decorated with customised ornaments

However, the couple is mindful about the timelessness and versatility of the other home décor items that they buy. “For instance, we picked up the gold frame at the Christmas corner, knowing that it can be styled for different holidays – from Christmas to Chinese New Year.”

Decorations such as wreaths and seasonal florals add to the Christmas cheer

Furnishing with a Purpose

 Sustainable furnishing is a key theme, which is why many items, such as the dining table and chairs, are pre-loved and have been used by several different owners. The antique shelf in the dining room, which happens to be one of Mrs. Liu’s favourite pieces, is vintage as well.

The antique shelf, with its unique details, is a statement piece

“For the longest time, the space was empty. We weren’t quite sure what to furnish it with, until we chanced upon this antique shelf on an online marketplace. Its unique, intricate details caught our attention immediately and the dimensions were perfect for the space – needless to say, we snapped it up,” she smiles.

The shelf in the dining room and display rack in the bedroom are pre-loved

The home owners’ preference for darker wood tones and rustic elements such as preserved florals, lend their space a cosy, cabin-inspired feel. At the same time, soft textiles such as cushions and rugs in neutral shades balance the rugged style with their contemporary designs.

Soft textiles such as cushions and rugs are used to add texture to the space
The entryway is an interplay of textures, featuring walls in tropical wallpaper, Aegean blue paint, and a mirror

Growing with their Needs

“When we first moved in, we only had the basics such as the TV console, sofa, dining table, chairs and the bed,” the couple shares. “We wanted to live in the flat for a period of time before deciding on the rest of the furniture, to ensure that we purchase what we need.”

Mrs. Liu, who has a passion for interior styling, explains that having loose furnishing allows her the flexibility to easily switch up the look of her home, to tailor to their evolving needs.

For more flexibility, the home owners opted for minimal carpentry works in the kitchen, such as omitting the top row kitchen cabinets.
Instead, they opted for a customised storage (right) in the service yard, that also doubles up as a coffee corner.

“We experimented with the dining area a couple of times before finalising the layout,” she chuckles. “For instance, we played around with the placement of the dining table, to allow us the best view of the TV during mealtimes while doubling as a hangout area when we have guests over.”

“It’s taken us approximately 3 years to furnish and decorate our home, and we’d still like to say that it’s a work-in-progress,” the Lius laugh.

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