Prior to their renovation journey, Lee Qing Hong and Vivian Chua had envisioned a Scandinavian-inspired home and its hallmark elements of bright, airy spaces, white walls, and wood accents.

Glancing at the walnut cabinet and Aegean blue feature wall in their living room, Vivian lets out a small laugh and says, “Well, we did manage to include wood elements in the final look.”

Home owners Qing Hong and Vivian
The various elements of the home look harmonious when put together

Bold, Dark Tones

While the muted colour palette and natural elements of the Scandinavian style had initially appealed to Qing Hong and Vivian, they found themselves gravitating to darker and bolder colours. “We wanted a look that is slightly different, a style that is bold yet calming,” they explain.

The dark colours create a cosy ambience that is perfect for movie nights
The use of glass balances the dark tones, and creates openness within the home

The couple then decided on blue—Vivian’s favourite colour—as the primary colour for their home. As frequent beachgoers, they liked how blue reminds them of the sea, as well as the calming vibes that the colour evokes. To complement the blue, the couple who are also nature lovers, incorporated a shade of green into the colour palette.

 Green is used on the cabinets in the open kitchen and pantry area
Dark walnut tones around the house tie the overall look together

Demarcating Spaces with Design Elements

While the olive-green cabinets make a visual statement, what makes the kitchen really stand out is the tiled flooring that extends to the dining room. Striking hexagonal tiles that serve up some serious retro vibes are laid in the shape of an arc – a design element that is cleverly reflected on the pantry wall.

The arc on the floor is also mirrored on the pantry wall

Aesthetics aside, the tile floor serves to demarcate the dining area and kitchen from the rest of the common living space.

“While we appreciate the seamless flow of the open flat layout, we wanted to literally draw the line between the spaces,” Vivian shares. “So instead of vinyl flooring like the rest of our home, we opted for tiles in the dining area and kitchen instead.”

Qing Hong and Vivian enjoying their coffee in the dining area

Qing Hong explains that the dining area is where he spends his me time, relaxing as he reads a book over a cup of coffee.

Without skipping a beat Vivian adds, “The dining and kitchen area is definitely our favourite spot at home. It’s where we host our family and friends, and where memories are made.”

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