For Victoria, a full-time working mother, fitness is a way of life.  Whether it is a walk in the neighbourhood park or a workout at the fitness corner in her estate, the 29-year-old has mastered the art of fitting her toddler son into her exercise routine.

Victoria with Tyler

We sat down with the yummy mummy to find out how she squeezes quality mother-son time into her routine.

Hello Victoria, tell us more about yourself and your neighbourhood!

I love the sun, a good workout and good food. As a nature lover, I wanted a home located away from the city bustle – and Punggol couldn’t be more perfect! Not only is the tranquil neighbourhood surrounded by lush greenery, we wake up to the scenic view of the waterway.

What inspired your passion for fitness?

It started with playing basketball and touch rugby during my student days at Republic Polytechnic, where I was captain of the touch rugby team.

I love the challenge of trying out new exercises, and the adrenaline rush  when I complete a challenging workout. In the process, I discover new abilities and strengths I never knew I possessed!

Victoria demonstrating a squat while carrying Tyler

How has motherhood changed your fitness routine?

As a mother working full-time, finding the time for workout sessions, especially during the first year of motherhood, can be challenging. But I’ve learnt it’s not impossible.

After Tyler was born, I resolved to include him in my workout routine so that I could stay active.  Throughout my confinement period, I would go on long walks around the neighbourhood park with Tyler in the stroller! I would also complete exercises such as squats and step-ups while babywearing him. Now that Tyler has learnt to walk, he prefers exploring the playground and fitness corner by himself.

What is your daily fitness routine like?

I wake up at 5.30am every morning and head to the gym before work. I also have a fixed daily workout schedule that I share with my good friend – for instance, we do cardio on Mondays and Fridays, while Thursdays are reserved for yoga.

My ‘rest days’ are the weekends, where I spend time with my very active son – I call this period the ‘active recovery’ period because while I’m not exactly working out, he definitely keeps me active.

I also frequent the fitness corner in my neighbourhood, and often times with Tyler too! I love that I get to spend some quality bonding time with him as he explores the playground that’s located next to the fitness corner. I feel lethargic if I don’t exercise, so I try to work out daily!

Victoria and Tyler at the playground

Victoria demonstrating a push-up at her estate’s 3Gen playground

What are some of the differences between working out in the neighbourhood and in the gym?

While the gym offers more amenities, exercising in the neighbourhood is far more convenient. Plus, you can create a workout group for the neighbours to help keep everyone motivated. In fact, I’m thinking of conducting a personal training session with my neighbour in the near future! 

What are some of your favourite memories at the fitness corner?

My favourite has to be pushing Tyler around in his stroller and just spending time with him. 

Catch a glimpse of the precious moments that occur right at our doorstep every day:

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