In light of National Organise Your Home Day on 14 January, we had a chat with Rae and Vanessa, co-founders of Orderly, a professional organising service provider.

With a shared goal to provide neat and functional spaces for people, the pair of organisational specialists has been helping to bring order to their clients’ homes and spaces since 2021.

“One satisfying experience we had was organising a maisonette home. Our client had 4 kids, several pets, and lots of sports equipment, and was sorely in need of more storage space. We worked with the family to maximize the storage spaces in their home, including the triangular space under the staircase. By putting in stackable boxes on wheels, the family can now easily move their items out as needed,” Rae and Vanessa recalled.

Avoiding Renovation Regrets

Rae and Vanessa tell us of the renovation regrets and mistakes that they have seen first-time home owners make. It could be as simple as not futureproofing the design of their homes to cater for changing lifestyle needs – such as having children in the future.

It is important to consider future needs when planning the renovation for your home.

“New home owners need to take stock of their belongings, and create spaces for them in their home. They should also discuss with their interior designer to find out if the design they have in mind is appropriate for their needs,” Rae advised.

When deciding on shelving and cabinetry, Rae and Vanessa noticed that many home owners tend to build shelves that are too far apart in height, thus not optimising the use of the space between shelves. They recommend adding more shelves to cater for future storage needs.

Tips for a Tidy Home

One tip that the duo shared was to take precise measurements of the appliances they plan to purchase – this will ensure that the appliances can fit into their cabinets. Any excess space can then be designed for storage.

Appliances such as pressure cookers and large pots and pans can take up a lot of space in the kitchen, so it is important to cater storage space for them in your cabinets.

“Build drawers into your cabinets! They offer better utility as you can pull them out and reach for things easily,” said Rae.

For cabinets installed at corners, Rae recommends using L-shaped doors so it is easier to reach the space within storage.

One pro-tip shared by the pair is to make use of the corners of cabinets, which people tend to overlook.

Additionally, it is also essential for home owners to manage their buying habits.

“We recommend our clients to keep in mind what they already have before making purchases, so they don’t end up with clutter in their home” Rae shares.

Achieving a Neat Home that is Sustainable

Consistency is key.

Some home owners prefer to see their things at one glance, while others prefer to keep them hidden.

If you think that decluttering is a one-time thing – you’re wrong! “You should aim to make decluttering part of your everyday routine, so that clutter will not build up,” said Vanessa.

With a tidy home and everything in the right place, clutter you will work and live with greater peace of mind.

Photos by Nicholas Yau

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