Our homes are so much more than just the flats we live in – it’s also the people that make it special. Good neighbours are incredibly important to our living experience, which is why we celebrate residents who go the extra mile with their acts of care and neighbourliness every year through the Good Neighbour Award (GNA). This year’s winners are a diverse group – the age gap between the youngest and oldest winners this year is 74 years (!) – but they all share these three main things in common:

1. Help Out in Times of Need

Denise (left) and Pearl (right)

Good neighbours look out for each other in times of need, and are ready to help each other when the going gets tough. Take Pearl, for example. Her neighbour Denise has been battling a serious medical condition. Pearl not only accompanies Denise when she goes to the hospital for treatment, she even prepares nutritious meals for her neighbour to help her recovery. Knowing that Denise has been unable to take solid food since her surgery, Pearl blends different ingredients into semi-solid drinks, and even cooks nutritious soups and herbal teas for her.

From small actions like simply being there when they need support, to bigger acts of care like cooking or caring for them when they’re unable to look after themselves, there are many ways you can show support for your neighbour when they need a shoulder to lean on.

2. Share Your Passions

Lance (right)

Have something you love? Share it with your community! After all, passion is contagious. If you’re into sports like Lance and Ivan, why not rope your buddies into a regular exercise group? Nothing bonds people quite like sweating it out over a game of basketball, or a cycle around the neighbourhood – plus, you get to keep fit while you’re at it, too!

Mike in action

If physical activity is not your cup of tea, you can always worm your way into your neighbour’s hearts through food! Mike shares his MasterChef talents with his neighbours by sharing home-cooked meals for those who have no time to cook. He even hosts block parties and BBQ gatherings to bring the neighbourhood together over food.

So share whatever you’re passionate about – whether it’s sports, cooking, or other hobbies – with the people around you. Not only will you get a chance to hone your skills together with others, you’d also get the opportunity to bond with your neighbours and create unforgettable memories.

3. Take Care of Common Spaces

Dayan (right), nominated by his neighbour Ebenezer (left)

Speaking of sharing, why not look after the spaces we share with our neighbours? Like Dayan, it can start from something as small as picking up litter or moving away stray public sharing bicycles along the common areas.

Mawin (right)

Alternatively, spruce up your common areas during festive seasons, like Mawin and Dustin did. Get creative and stick some hong baosketupat decorations and festive lights along the corridor to bring in some holiday cheer. Of course, do make sure to remove them properly once the festive season is over – cleaning up is also part of being good neighbourliness.

Know a neighbour who went the extra mileto contribute to your community? Email us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!

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