As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many celebrations and social gatherings—weddings included—have had to be downsized. Despite the challenging circumstances, Hui Wen and Jonathan decided to proceed with their wedding.

“The date 4 July is really significant to us as it refers to our favourite Biblical verse,” the couple explains. “Additionally, we already carved the date and verse on our wedding rings – so keeping the date was a priority!”

Instead of holding a church ceremony as initially planned, the couple managed to pull off  a traditional wedding across two homes, keeping to the safe-distancing measures and restrictions while still making it a day to remember.

Hui Wen and Jonathan were married in their new home

A Homely Wedding

The day began with a scaled-down gatecrashing followed by a tea ceremony at Jonathan’s childhood home. Instead of walking down the aisle, Hui Wen and her father walked down the stairs of their maisonette to the first floor where the groom and guests awaited. “The walk felt surreal,” Hui Wen smiles. “It was a very intimate and enjoyable experience.”

While the couple was joined by their family and closest friends, Jonathan’s younger brother, who is based in Australia, witnessed the event via a live-stream instead. “It’s a pity he couldn’t attend the wedding, but he managed to partake in the ceremony by ‘offering’ us tea virtually,” the couple says.

Hui Wen walking down the common corridor of her new home

The wedding party then moved to the couple’s newly renovated BTO flat at Tampines GreenRidges, where the solemnisation ceremony took place.

There, the couple opted for simple decorations such as flowers and balloons. “Compared with a big-scale wedding, there was much less preparation involved. For example, we had some takeaway food from West Plaza, as opposed to a dinner banquet,” the newlyweds laugh.

The couple say they enjoyed their home wedding, which they described as simple, special, and unique. “The atmosphere was relaxed and cosy, we were surrounded by our closest ones, and we got to personally interact with all our guests. Everyone had a great time and for that we’re really grateful!” the couple muses.

“Getting married in the flat has definitely added meaning to our new home. The wedding really embodied what a home truly is— a place to celebrate our milestones as a couple!” they add.

Moving into A New Home

Now that they are married, the couple is excited to move into their new flat, which has impressed with its lush landscaping. They also love the convenience of the location—not only do Hui Wen’s parents live nearby, their new home is surrounded by amenities such as supermarkets and coffeeshops.

A wedding photoshoot amongst the greenery of Tampines GreenRidges

On that note, Hui Wen chirps, “It’s not exactly an amenity but my favourite bubble tea outlet just opened a branch at my block and I’m looking forward to that!”

Photos and Interview by Atikah Razak

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