Multi-storey carparks are a staple in HDB estates, often unnoticed as we go about our daily routines. The carpark at 7B Commonwealth Avenue might look the same as any other, but a pleasant surprise awaits those willing to climb up to its rooftop. 

Kelvin (extreme right), with residents at the Buona Vista’s Green-Eye-View

“The idea of transforming the carpark rooftop into a gardening hub was not just about creating a green space. It was about fostering a sense of unity and celebrating our cultural heritage.” explained Kelvin Goh, project leader of Buona Vista’s Green-Eye-View.  

Engaging the Community 

The project involved over 60 dedicated residents, local gardening enthusiasts, and volunteers who shared a collective vision of positive change within their neighbourhood. Rallying the support of residents was crucial to the success of the project. The team conducted various community outreach programmes, social media campaigns, and town hall meetings, but their project still had a rocky start.

Kelvin (extreme right) sharing with residents on the proposed rooftop garden plans

“Some residents were not keen on the idea of installing a rooftop garden at a multi-storey carpark. We overcame this by actively listening to their concerns, addressing them transparently, and showcasing the potential benefits of the rooftop garden through small-scale pilot projects.” 

“Participating in HDB’s Lively Places Programme (LPP) played a pivotal role in realising the community’s vision. Through funding and logistical support, the LPP enabled us to partner with agencies involved and enhance our community projects”.

 Kelvin and his team receiving the Lively Places Programme award at the HDB Community Day 2023

Largest Rooftop Art Display in Singapore

Besides creating a luscious community garden, Kelvin also wanted to create a peaceful environment for those who visit. The rooftop garden also features several hand-painted floor murals with koi fish to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquillity for visitors. Much to Kelvin’s surprise, the mural made its way into the Singapore Book of Records for being Singapore’s Largest Rooftop Mural Art in 2023.

Aerial view of the Buona Vista’s Green-Eye-View 

“Learning that our project broke the record of Singapore’s Largest Rooftop Mural Art truly made it a moment of pride and joy for the entire community, showcasing our collective effort and creativity.”

Beyond painting the floor murals for the rooftop garden, the team also engaged residents to give the nearby void deck a makeover. Eye-catching signage and artwork were added to direct residents to the rooftop garden. With the help of local artists and community members, traditional Hakka motifs were incorporated into the design, echoing the unique cultural identity of the neighbourhood.

Residents adding a pop of colour to add character to the neighbourhood’s void deck

Planting the Seeds of Change   

Looking towards the future, Kelvin and his team are planning to expand their educational programmes, create more green spaces around the neighbourhood, and promote inter-generational activities.  

Kelvin is thankful that the project has brought the community closer and ignited a renewed appreciation for their neighbourhood. 

“This initiative has taught us the power of the community coming together to create something and the importance of collaboration. We hope that by sharing our journey, we can inspire others to take similar actions and make a positive change in their communities. 

The project has not only beautified the neighbourhood but has also sown the seeds of community pride, creativity, and togetherness, leaving a lasting legacy for our residents and generations to come.”

Photos at Buona Vista’s Green-Eye-View courtesy of Kelvin Goh 

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