Speed on your feet and wind in your hair, cycling offers a huge adrenaline rush that has helped the sport grow in popularity over the years. Good news for cycling enthusiasts—by 2026, 8 in 10 HDB residents will have access to a cycling network within minutes under the new Islandwide Cycling Network (ICN) programme, where more cycling paths will be built near transport nodes and key amenities.

In some towns such as Pasir Ris and Tampines, comprehensive cycling networks are already in place, offering residents another convenient way to get around. For example, it is easy to cycle from Tampines Central to Pasir Ris Park!

Tampines Central (starting point)

As this route will take you along the Tampines Park Connector, you don’t have to worry about cycling on the main road.

Here are 6 landmarks you will come across along this route:

  1. Tampines Central (Tampines MRT, Tampines One) 
  2. Sun Plaza Park 
  3. Tampines Eco Green 
  4. Tampines Expressway 
  5. Sungei Tampines 
  6. Pasir Ris Park 

Photo Credit: NParks

Start your journey at Tampines Central and head towards Tampines Ave 4 – a path that will lead you to Sun Plaza Park. The route is sheltered, so rest assured you’ll be protected from the sun and rain!

Sheltered pathway along Tampines Ave 4

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Once you get to Sun Plaza Park, take a left. It’s a short ride, but don’t forget to enjoy the scenery! In March and August, look out for the blossoming Trumpet trees in the park. Its gorgeous pink flowers have even earned the nickname ‘Singapore’s Cherry Blossoms’!

Sun Plaza Park

Photo Credit: @ylint

Look out for the markers on the ground to follow the park connector route

Photo Credit: Google Maps

After cycling through the park, cross the road at Tampines Avenue 9. There are two options – cycle along the park connector or through Tampines Eco Green. If you’re feeling adventurous and have time to spare, try the second route. The charming rustic vibes of Tampines Eco Green will make you feel like you’re cycling in the countryside!

Follow the teal route if you want to cycle through Tampines Eco Green. The coral route is more straightforward as it follows the Tampines Park Connector.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Tampines Eco Green

Photo Credit: JustRunLah!

Both routes will lead you to an overhead bridge that helps you cross the Tampines Expressway safely. Remember to dismount your bicycle as you head up the ramp to cross the bridge!

Overhead bridge that leads to Pasir Ris

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Now you’re officially in Pasir Ris! Keep cycling along Sungei Tampines and cross the river to get to Pasir Ris Park. There are several bridges along the way, so don’t worry if you miss the first one!

Cycle along Sungei Tampines and enjoy the view!

Cross the bridge to get to Pasir Ris Park

Congratulations, you’re now at Pasir Ris Park! Watch the following video to learn more about the wildlife you can find here.

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