HDB flats comes in a variety of designs, some of which have achieved iconic status over the years. Whether you’re a budding photographer, exploring different photography styles or looking to spice up your Instagram feed, take a trip to the heartlands and discover Instagram-worthy HDB projects that have won HDB Design Awards.

1. Scenic Sea Views

Facing the Straits of Johor, Northshore StraitsView, as the housing project is aptly named, embraces the idea of waterfront living.

Northshore StraitsView is one of the housing precincts located in Punggol Northshore

Inspired by the scenes of a seafront oasis set against the backdrop of rolling mountains, the staggered blocks are designed to form a dynamic skyline along the waterfront. In addition to its architectural outline, the white and blue facade of the project also makes it an interesting photo subject, especially with the sea as a visual complement – definitely one of our top Instagram-worthy HDB projects!

Enjoy the sea breeze from the viewing decks

To enjoy the breeze as well as capture the perfect sunset-by-the-sea moment, simply head out to the viewing decks via the sheltered linkways.

2. Keeping It Minimal

As clichéd as it sounds, sometimes less is really more. Having fewer elements in a photograph can direct focus on the subject for greater visual impact. For a photo that pops, position yourself in the foreground of the minimalist Northshore Residences I & II blocks in Punggol. Breaking the sleek facade of the HDB blocks are vertical fins, which are also designed for rain protection.

Located in HDB’s first smart-enabled housing estate, the towering blocks of Northshore Residences are hard to miss

The unique play spaces within the project also make for interesting photo spots, especially when set against the backdrop of the towering Instagram-worthy HDB blocks.

The precinct is home to a variety of amenities, including play spaces

3. Home in a Garden

The perfect photo spot for nature lovers, the verdant greenery of Alkaff CourtView is reminiscent of an urban garden. Designed to capitalise on Bidadari’s rolling greens and rich heritage, the project also houses a wide verandah surrounded by lush landscaping.

Lush landscaping can also be found within the Alkaff CourtView

In addition to photographing the generous green spaces within the precinct, take the chance to explore Bidadari Greenway, a 1.6km-long green spine that traverses the entire estate!

4. Geometric Lines and Angles

Tall HDB blocks create opportunities for minimalistic shots of HDB flats with the sky as a canvas. This style of photography is not only easy on the eyes, it also makes your subject pop which is perfect for the ‘gram. Hougang RiverCourt is a good example of this.

An unobstructed view of Hougang RiverCourt

Venture within the blocks for a variety of landscaped spaces, and in other spots, shapes and lines in the surroundings can also be used to frame your photos.

Make use of the surroundings and amenities to better frame your shots

Discover more Instagram-worthy HDB projects or read on for more heartland exploration ideas!

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