There’s more to a bedroom than a bed and dresser. When planned right, the space can be  a personal oasis to retire in – especially at the end of a long day. From layouts to furnishings, here are some tips for maximising your bedroom space!

1. Opt for a Smaller Bedframe

Photo: Adroit ID

The bed is probably going to be the bulkiest furniture in the room – hence choosing a sleeker bedframe or doing without one can help you save space. For instance, in place of a bedframe, this sleep area is demarcated with a pop of restful blue.

2. Blend Your Carpentry

Photo: Jialux Interior

Built-in carpentry such as wardrobes can take up space. Rather than leaving them as bulky blocks in the corner, incorporate them into the overall room design! Shown above: the cabinet mirrors the look of the surrounding textures of black and wood. Its seamless design makes the room appear more spacious.

3Turn It into a Multi-Functional Space

Source: Urban Home Design 二本設計家

Break out of convention by carving out areas for seating, build in a desk and invest in a projector. This way, your bedroom can double as a workspace as well as an additional entertainment centre. You can also try this idea for other rooms.

4. Have a Loft Bed with a Walk-in Wardrobe

Due to its stacked design, this two-in-one bedroom offers expanded space for both a sleep area as well as a ‘walk-in wardrobe’. Keep the area well-lit with track lights, and you’ll find that getting dressed for the day has never been easier!

5. Design a Built-In Vanity Cabinet

Source: Lemonfridge Studio

This concealed vanity cabinet to maximise storage space is perfect for any beauty junkie. The mirror swings open to reveal another set of shelves for you to store your beauty favourites. Getting ready for the day will be much more efficient with everything within easy reach!

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