Space need not be a luxury – it all comes down to making the right choices to maximise it. From renovation to furnishing, read on for 5 ways to create a sense of openness in your flat, regardless of its type and size!

1. Go Bold with an Open Floor Plan

A bold way to visually open up your flat is by removing walls between the living area, dining area and kitchen. If you prefer some demarcation between rooms, you can replace walls with glass panels which will give a feeling of spaciousness.

Photo of living room with glass panels leading to bedroom

If you plan to demolish or alter any walls, make sure the works are carried out only after obtaining HDB’s approval. This ensures that your renovations do not compromise the structural integrity of your flat.

2. Let in Natural Light

Nothing beats natural light when it comes to brightening up interiors, so choose sheer window coverings rather than opaque blinds to make the most of our sunny climate. Full-length curtains that sweep the floor are another great way to make the ceiling look higher!

Photo of living room filled with natural light

3. Accentuate Your Ceiling

You’ve heard of statement walls, but what about statement ceilings? The clever use of overhead accents adds both vertical dimension and visual interest to your home. Similarly, unique pendant lights that draw the eye upwards can make a room feel bigger.

Photo of dining room
Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Tone Down the Colour Palette

Achieve a bright and airy vibe by using lighter hues throughout your home. Darker colours absorb rather than reflect light, so go with off-white or muted tones from your flooring and wall shades to upholstery.

Photo of living room

5. Curate Your Furnishings

Conserve space in your flat by being intentional with your furnishing choices. The key is avoiding clutter so keep these tips in mind:

  • Opt for multi-functional pieces such as daybeds, or expandable tables
  • Choose furniture with exposed legs to allow light to filter through
  • Colour-coordinate your furniture and walls, as contrasting colours break up a room and can make it seem smaller
  • Place mirrors strategically on darker walls or near windows to reflect natural light
  • Decorate with statement pieces such as a large art print, rather than many small knick-knacks

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