More than just a functional storage space, bedroom wardrobes can be as stylish as they are functional. From open closets to built-in vanities, here are 6 wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom!

1. Open Closets

Photo: Inizio Atelier

To maximise storage space, consider keeping a capsule wardrobe and installing an open closet system. Besides keeping your clothes organised, having an open closet gives you easy access to your everyday outfits.


Not a fan of a completely open wardrobe? Perhaps a closed closet with an expansive shelf might be more fitting (pun intended). There are many ways to use this shelf – hang up your favourite clothing items, or use it as a handy space to keep trinkets within convenient reach.

2. Corner Closets

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The corner wardrobes is one of the more popular wardrobe design ideas as they maximise space and reduce dead corners. To make yours stand out, accentuate your wardrobe with decorative touches such as unique panelling or shaker-style frames.

Photo: Zenith Arc

If the farmhouse/ boho-chic look isn’t quite your style, you can consider the angled cut-outs as a modish design accent part of your wardrobe design idea.

3. Built-in Vanities

Photos: Orange Interior, Mr Designer Studio

Instead of buying a freestanding vanity, why not fit in your vanity counter as part of your built-in wardrobe? You can also opt to construct the vanity table at the edge of your wardrobe, to double up as a bedside stand, thus freeing up more space within your room.

4. Storage Solutions

Photos: Salt Studio, Notion of W

The biggest advantage that pocket doors have over their swing-open counterparts is their space-saving design. If there’s sufficient space along the sides of your wardrobe, you can even squeeze in a pull-out storage compartment for accessories such as ties and scarves.

You can also make the most of your built-in wardrobe, by constructing vertical shelves at its sides for additional storage!

5. Door Designs

Photos: Ascend Design, Anhans Interior Design

Rattan is always a lovely material choice if you’re looking to add an organic touch within your home. Besides being easy on the eye, its natural colour makes rattan a good match for almost any interior design theme.

Photo:  Fuse Concept

Terrazzo laminates are a great (read: cost-effective) way to spruce up any surface – including the exterior of your bedroom wardrobe. Opt for terrazzo-look coverings with colourful flecks to add fun and vibrancy to your home.

On top of their unique and stylish aesthetic, fluted glass in-lays offer a playful glimpse of your wardrobe content while masking clutter effectively.

6. Statement Features

Photos: The Interior Lab, Prozfile Design

Another way to reduce clutter while displaying your most loved fashion pieces at the same time? Consider installing a glass display case! Floor-to-ceiling glass shelves break up visual monotony in the room, while making your ceiling look higher.

Photo: Swiss Interior Design

Depending on where your wardrobe is located in your bedroom, sometimes natural light may not be enough. Installing overhead lights as is always a good wardrobe design idea to help you dress well. You can install strip lights if you prefer a cosy setup that still provides sufficient lighting for choosing your outfits.

Photo:  Rhiss Interior

For an extra wow factor, consider working in a wide mirror as part of one of the wardrobe design ideas. You save space without a standalone mirror, and the large mirrored surface will make your space feel larger.

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