Because pure Scandinavian décor is so 2018. Everyone seems to have a Scandinavian-inspired home now. But word on the street is that Japandi is the latest interior design trend! Fusing the clean and bright aesthetics of Scandinavian and Nordic design with traditional elements of Japanese styles, Japandi is a perfect marriage of 2 minimalist aesthetics which creates spaces that are both elegant and warm.

Want to get the style? Here are some tips to get a Japandi home:

Less is More

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At their core, both Japanese and Scandinavian styles are about keeping it simple. Be sure to keep clutter at bay, and avoid putting big statement pieces. Let the furniture speak for themselves. If you would like to make your space a little cozier, add linen cushions or fuzzy rugs in plain colours.

Embrace Your Dark(er) Side

(Photo Credit: Decoration Channel)

While pure Scandinavian designs tend to be brighter and airier, Japandi homes integrate warmer, earthier colours into the mix. Think darker woods with red undertones and touches of black to get a modern but cosy look.

Have the Best of Both Worlds

Take inspiration from hallmarks of both styles. Consider including Japanese classics like low-lying platform beds, or elegant vases. You can also throw in Nordic-inspired furniture that is lighter in colour and more angular in shape. Don’t be afraid to mix the two styles together – you’d be surprised by how well they can come together.

Go Green (But Not Too Green)

Be sure to introduce some greenery, but don’t go full-on Studio Ghibli either. Remember, stick to the first principle – minimalism. Let that potted plant sit quietly on your dining table, or place it in a corner to add that touch of green to the room.

Though Japandi is a relatively new design trend, its minimalist yet cozy style lends a timeless quality to it. Hope you feel inspired to spice up your scandi rooms now!

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