Get the Mad Men look with this interior design trend.

If you’ve watched old American movies (or you’re a Mad Men fan), you would notice that their homes have a distinctive look. Chances are, they are done up in the mid-century modern style that encompasses smooth lines, earthy materials, and quirky accessories.

What is Mid-century Modern Style?

This style is based on earlier European design influences such as Bauhaus and the International style.

After World War II, many European designers and artists migrated to America, bringing with them their eye for design that places equal focus on form and functionality. As technology improved rapidly after the war, these artists were able to turn their ideas into mass-produced pieces – many of which soon ended up in homes across American suburbs.

Clean Lines, Functional Shapes

Geometric shapes and smooth lines are mid-century modern essentials. Furniture are simple and clean, not ornate and heavily-embellished. To help get the look, consider buying pieces that are decidedly vintage – like an egg chair!

The egg chair is an iconic mid-century modern piece.

(Image Credit: Inspiration Design Books)

Mix Materials and Textures

Wood is a staple of the style, but you can also have furniture made from materials like glass, vinyl and acrylic. Mix these materials within the room to get the classic mid-century modern look.

Pro-tip: Up your mid-century modern style game by getting furniture that mix materials. Check out that wooden coffee table with its glass top!

(Image source: Better Living Socal)

Play with Colours

Feel free to combine white and pastel tones with bold and colourful accents – these could come in the form of furniture pieces, textiles, or even a bold graphic print on the wall.

Why not make the best use of your wall space add some bold prints to it?

(Image Credit: Recently The Blog)

Open and Airy

Mid-century modern homes should have an open and airy feel, so go for an open-plan layout where possible. Do also make sure to have blinds or drapes that you can easily pull aside to let in natural light.

Let in some natural light to complete your mid-century modern home!

(Image Credit: Nonagon Style)

You don’t have to travel back in time to get a vintage look in your home. Already have the style? Send us a photo at – we’d love to take a look!

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