The living room is a great place to relax and unwind with the family after a long day at work. Good use of layered lighting, which is a combination of different levels of lighting, can help you create a cosy ambience to achieve a total state of zen.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the starting point for lighting in a room, and sets the overall tone of a space. In our homes, it often comes from ceiling lights and can come in various tones – from bright fluorescent white, which is fantastic for illumination, to yellow for a warm glow. A light with a dimmer can suit a variety of lighting needs– be it for a movie night or when you have friends over.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting essentially highlights certain aspects of the living room – whether it is a beautiful painting or a unique accessory. While wall lamps and track lights are perfect for the job, it is recommended to limit the number of these lights, otherwise it can get overly glaring.

Task Lighting

Task lighting are mainly for utilitarian purposes such as reading a book or when you’re working in your living room. Consider floor lamps, or table lamps on your side tables. When positioning the lights, take into consideration where the switches are, to avoid long wires dragging around your floor, which can be a tripping hazard.

The overall lighting should give you sufficient illumination, without giving off too much glare, to make your living room a relaxing place to be in after a long day!

  • Jamie Huang

    Graphic designer and memelord-in-training. Attends to geek responsibilities from time to time.