A home that is cosy, inviting and full of personality? It’s little wonder why many home owners are looking to incorporate Bohemian elements in their interior décor. Follow these simple tips to bring the Boho flavour into your abode!

#1 Get Weaving

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Make your home look like it came from an Anthropologie catalogue with beautiful macramé pieces. With its homely feel, macramé ornaments, door curtains and even plant hangers are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Craft them yourself for a one-of-a-kind piece, or order them online from crafters, such as those on Etsy, for an instant touch of cosy.

#2 Throw a Pillow Party

Incorporate patterns and prints–  lots of them! Any print will work in a Bohemian home, though Moroccan, Aztec and ethnic-patterned throw pillows and blankets are often top picks. For a classic Boho-feel, opt for natural materials such as burlap, cotton and linen, and earthy colours such as browns, yellows, and reds.

#3 Mix and Don’t Match

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Unlikely combinations in a Bohemian interior create interesting contrasts, which sets it apart from other décor styles. Feel free to liven up your leather chair with a handwoven throw, or arrange contemporary art pieces atop a rattan console. When it comes to decorating a Bohemian home, there are no rules.

#4 A Vintage Marriage

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The beauty of Bohemian also comes from the blending of vintage items within a modern space to create character. This is where preloved furniture and flea market finds shine as focal pieces.

#5 Plant the Seeds of Chic

No Bohemian home is complete without a variety of house plants. Introduce an effortless, natural vibe with a combination of hanging, potted, small and large plants.

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