Simplicity. Zen. Serenity. These are some words that come to mind when we think about Japanese-inspired interiors. How can we include these design elements within our HDB flats without breaking the bank, you ask?

Read on for five simple tips to designing a Japanese-style home:

Interior Designer: Weiken

Photo Credit: @renonation

Wooden Elements

Wooden materials, such as oak or bamboo, take centerstage in Japanese homes. For a quintessential Japanese-style home, bring clean-lined wooden elements into your home in the form of carpentry or even the furniture!

Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

Photo Credit: @obliviondezign

Neutral Colour Palette

While the Japanese may embrace bright colours in fashion, a calmer and more neutral colour palette is often the choice for their homes. To achieve that clean look, opt for oak, grey and white shades for the walls. Hot tip: Pick these wall colours to create the illusion of a brighter and more spacious home!

Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

Photo Credit: @renonation

Natural Light Is Key

Japanese apartments tend to appear bright and breezy – probably due to the natural light that floods the house. Having large, expansive windows is the easiest way for natural light to enter your home, especially if you skip the curtains!

Interior Designer: DS2000 Interior & Design

Photo Credit: @ds2000interior

Save Space With Sliding Doors

Did you know that traditional Japanese houses come equipped with sliding frames instead of swinging ones, to help conserve space? An easy way to adopt this idea is to incorporate sliding frames to your cupboard doors for a sleek, space-saving touch.

Interior Designer: Neu Konceptz

Photo credit: @neukonceptz

Minimalist Design

You might have realised by now that Japanese homes are mostly simple and uncluttered – the epitome of minimalism. The trick to a simple style? Only purchase essential furniture pieces in designs that never go out of style!

Got any other tips to achieve that quintessential Japanese aesthetic for your home? Drop us a note at or leave a comment!

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