Customising your HDB front gate may not be on the top of your renovation list, but don’t close the door on the thought just yet. There are plenty of gates which can offer added convenience and safety, while letting your flat stand out. Get a handle on these unique HDB front gate ideas! 

1. Go Digital

Photo: Fire Rated Door

Digital locks are fast becoming a top choice for home owners who are looking for security with convenience. Whether it’s thumbprint, number or smartcard access, they remove the hassle of bringing a bunch of keys around while providing technology-enabled security. Combined with a simple wrought iron gate for added durability, this HDB front gate idea is more than a step up from the traditional ones. Planning on designing a smart home? Read our list of must-have devices to equip your flat with.

2. Mesh It Up

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For pet owners, a wire mesh gate is a practical yet stylish choice. This HDB front gate idea prevents your pets from accidentally escaping from home, and can be a perfect complement to industrial-themed home decor.

3. Open Door Policy

Photo: Qanvast

For owners who are looking for a unique and modern entrance, consider a glass gate that can allow maximum sunlight to enter the house. If a glass gate seems like a counterintuitive choice for an entrance, opt for tinted glass to safeguard your privacy without compromising on the visual spectacle.

4. Panel Discussions

Fancy changing up your HDB front gate design based on the occasion and event? The panels on these wall art gates can be easily switched up to transform the look of the flat!

Cut to Perfection

Photo: Qanvast

Display your favourite photo or a symbolic design proudly on a laser cut gate for a truly one-of-a-kind HDB front gate design! While this may not be the cheapest option, it’ll definitely speak volumes about your personality as a home owner.

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