The relaxed vibe of Jolene and Yi Peng’s Sengkang flat brings to mind exotic locales, where rich patterns and colours meld effortlessly to create a cosy ambience. The couple describes their interior design as bohemian-meets-minimalism, a unique combination that reflects their preferred decor styles.

“I love warm spaces with textures and splashes of colours, while Yi Peng prefers sleek lines and a cleaner look. So we ended up mixing and matching the different elements for our home,” Jolene explains.

Winning Combination

This modern bohemian combination carries throughout the couple’s 5-room flat. For instance, a clean-lined, minimalist sofa in the living room is livened up by a smattering of jewel-toned cushions and a cosy throw. A patterned rug lies underfoot, its look anchored by black-framed art pieces which take pride of place on the wall behind.

In the mini library, a black-framed window, which is in line with Yi Peng’s preference, complements an orange lounge chair which adds a warm and cosy touch to the space.

The mini library features a black framed glass window that was installed to brighten up the space

And while the kitchen adopts a minimalist aesthetic with a black fridge and dark grey cabinets, the common bathroom nearby features Peranakan-inspired floor tiles that add playfulness and visual interest.

The Peranakan-inspired tiles in the common bathroom add playfulness to the kitchen area

Glamour, Customised

One room however, stands out in luxe contrast against the others. With plush forest green chairs, a teal daybed and prominent gold accents, the home office emits a glamourous vibe without straying from the flat’s overall boho-meets-minimalist theme.

With the couple currently working from home, they find themselves spending a lot more time in their home office. “The space is comfortable to work in and the daybed is perfect for short breaks,” they say.

Unlike the rest of the rooms, the home office spots a contemporary luxe look

The home office features a whimsical, DIY, confetti wall

“In designing this space, we were going for a cleaner and brighter aesthetic,” Jolene explains. To achieve the contemporary luxe look, the couple chose gold-accented furniture, and even spray-painted the desk legs gold. The home office also features a confetti wall, a project which the couple completed with handmade cut-outs.

DIY Home Projects

Apart from the home office, Jolene and Yi Peng’s creativity also extends to other parts of their flat in the form of DIY home projects.

“We prefer a hands-on approach as we get to customise our home décor,” Yi Peng explains, “For instance, painting the art in our living room allows us to use specific colours that complement the rest of our home. Sourcing for home décor items that fit perfectly can be challenging, so we would rather embark on home projects instead!”

The subway tile-inspired kitchen backsplash is also a result of the couple’s handiwork.

The coffee corner in the kitchen, featuring the white subway tile-inspired backsplash stickers

“We had initially opted for a champagne gold backsplash as we thought it would complement the gold accents in our home, but didn’t really like the result,” the couple says. “So we bought some white subway tile-inspired stickers from Amazon and installed them instead!”

“Whenever we spot something in the home that can be tweaked to better complement the overall aesthetic of our home, we can’t help but do so. Instead of buying a new item, we prefer to get it done ourselves – I guess this is why they say home renovation never ends!” they laugh.

Photos are courtesy of Jolene and Yi Peng of @februarynest

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