Ferhana’s 5-room improved flat in Pasir Ris combines a few of their loves: beach holidays and colours. Visitors to their home will surely be blown away by how she and her husband, Hassan, have transformed their home into a perfect blend of fun for their beautiful family of 4.

Happy family in their boho chic home

With her children growing up fast, Ferhana was on the lookout for a bigger HDB flat but as she preferred the vibes of the eastern part of the island, she restricted her search to this area.

She was glad to find a suitable flat that met her family’s needs and with the help of her ID, transformed it into a unique home that sports a beach resort vibe.

The funky entrance with clever storage and double-duty furniture

Colours are cleverly incorporated in the home to draw attention to feature walls and detailing. The wall of the music/ study room was replaced with folding windows to give them the flexibility of opening up the space. Hassan said that the platform is also where the children love to have their mini performances.

An (almost) random curation of plants, toys and decor for some colour

With a natural interest and flair for styling and accessorising, Ferhana was only too happy to find any reason to shop for her home. “Sometimes when I check out stores, the items ‘choose’ me – I don’t need to search for them,” she laughs. Thus she buys items that she likes and sees how they can fit with the home decor thereafter.

In some homes, the children’s toys are stowed away out of sight in boxes – not this home. They are used to add colour and personality to the bare shelves in the living area. A detachable swing which both Naail, and Naima, love to hop onto, completes the mini play area.

Moroccan fish scale tiles for a unique detailing in the master bathroom

Chevron tiles which look like floor vinyl finishing for another bathroom

The dining table chairs were bought separately and reupholstered but complement the dining table perfectly!

Master bedroom that stays true to the hippie theme

Colour play in the children’s room

Kitchen goals: blue diamond tiles with a white and gold kitchen concept

Jamming room where Hassan, a musician, spends much of his time

Naail loves to ‘pretend’ jamming too!

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  • Priya S

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