Drawn to the minimal and consistent look of a monochrome palette, Joanne Teo and Samuel Tan did up their home in shades of white, black and grey. The aesthetic is also inspired by the industrialist look, as seen from the concrete flooring and metal black accents that carry throughout the 3-room flat.

Home owners Samuel and Joanne, and their furkid Bam Bam

“We thought a monochromatic approach is the best way to achieve the modernist look we wanted,” the couple shares. “We also chose the colours for their versatility, as they can be complemented by most furnishings.” 

Green and Sustainable Home Décor

Amidst the sea of grey, pops of colours are incorporated through decor such as plants and paintings, to liven up the space. What stands out most is the balcony garden, a result of Joanne’s passion for plants.

The balcony has been transformed into a gardening space

Housing a variety of decorative potted and hanging plants, the balcony has been turned into a mini greenhouse. “The natural light makes the space very conducive for gardening,” Joanne smiles as she shares more on the transformation of the balcony. “It started with a few plants and before we knew it, our balcony is filled with greenery.”

Joanne finds gardening a therapeutic activity

To facilitate the flow of natural light, the wall partition between the balcony and the adjoining home office, was removed. “Our workspace is now brighter. And with the balcony garden, we get to enjoy the sight of greenery, along with fresh air, whilst working.”

The home office opens up to greenery

The home office also doubles up as a recreation room, where Samuel spends most of his time in the reading corner. “I love lounging in the leather armchair – whether it’s taking a break or reading my favourite book. It’s where I spend my me time,” he explains.

The lounge corner is also Samuel’s favourite space

Beyond spots of greenery, the room is also decorated with paintings that span across the wall – some of which are painted by Joanne and Samuel, who love experimenting with art. This room, with its colours, is a departure from the rest of the house.

Paintings add colour to the space

In one of their creations, the home owners had upcycled leftover packing foam peanuts. “We thought it was a waste to throw them out, so we tried to incorporate them into our décor. It turned out surprisingly well and adds some personality to the overall aesthetic,” Joanne chuckles.

The DIY art in the living room (right) is created from upcycled packing peanuts

Minimalist Design with Retro Influences

Separated by a sliding glass door, the home office flows into the open concept communal area that comprise the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Instead of designating a space for a television, the home owners took the unconventional route of having a mobile screen that can be conveniently stowed away when not in use

In keeping to the monochromatic theme, the open kitchen is also dressed in white and grey tones, including the marble countertop.

A minimalist kitchen: Top shelves, instead of cabinets, are used to create openness in the space
The kitchen island/ bar serves as additional countertop space for cooking preparation and hosting

Retro influences are used to give the space its unique look. Take for instance, the old-school wall fans and nostalgic rattan dining chairs.

The floral embroidery adds a nostalgic charm to the rattan dining chairs

In the bedroom, the orange hue of the sheets gives off cosy retro vibes. Like the rest of the flat, the design is also kept to the minimum, with a wardrobe being the only carpentry item.

The intended space between the wardrobe and ceiling serves as a book storage

When asked about their favourite spaces in their home, Joanne laughs and says, “It’s a no-brainer for Samuel, it’s definitely the home office. For me, I prefer the living room as it’s my lounge spot and it provides the best view of the greenery at the balcony.”

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