Adorned with antique furnishings and Peranakan-inspired prints, Daria and Faizal’s home will take visitors a step (or two) back in time.

Wooden furnishings make up most of Daria and Faizal’s home

“We love the look of old school, colonial homes,” Daria smiles. “Instead of adopting the minimalist look, we decided to go the other way and incorporated darker-coloured wood furnishings!”

Going Old-School

Step into the 5-room resale flat, and you will be greeted by a full-length mirror framed with colourful Tibetan prints, followed by an antique shoe cabinet. The vintage vibes continue with the living room and the balcony which has been repurposed to a lounge area.

In addition to the white and blue bamboo blinds and black rattan chairs, the balcony also features Peranakan tiles – a nod to Faizal’s roots. “The concept is partially influenced by motifs commonly seen in my childhood home, such as Peranakan and Batik prints,” Faizal smiles.

The tiles in the kitchen add a local flavour in the otherwise European-looking kitchen
Decorative Batik prints are also found throughout the rooms

Incorporating Italian Influences

While the vibrant home features splashes of colours, the flat is consistently decorated in a white and blue colour palette.

Décor items in Daria’s favourite colour

Daria, who is born in Italy, explains that blue reminds her of her country and it is also her favourite colour.  Italian elements are incorporated into the flat through items such as art pieces, bed covers and shawls.

The bedcover and woolen shawl are both from Daria’s hometown in Italy

Repurposing Furnishings

To furnish their home, the couple opted for pre-loved antique furniture, to go with the vintage concept.

“Wood is lasting in nature, so we had no hesitation about buying secondhand furniture, as long as they are often in good condition. Even our fridge is pre-loved. It’s good for the environment (and our wallets!)” Daria laughs.

The vanity table in the guestroom is a repurposed gift from the couple’s friends

While pre-owned pieces like the coffee table, TV console, and the guestroom wardrobe were bought from local furniture shops, the couple also actively repurposes furniture previously owned by family and friends. “We think it’s a waste to throw them out, so we often adopt their furniture! For example, our rocking chair and vanity table were hand-me-downs from our friends.”  

The chopping block is made of leftover material from the kitchen countertop

Daria and Faizal have also found a way to give new life to leftover materials from their renovation works. “There was some extra wood from the kitchen countertop, so we repurposed it into chopping blocks. We also turned the extra tiles into coasters,” the couple says.

“Waste not, want not – we hope other homeowners will consider repurposed furniture as they furnish their homes!”

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