The Rijals’ 5-room flat in Pasir Ris is a gallery of memories from their travels. “My wife and I were especially inspired by our holidays in Morocco and Spain, when we were renovating our home,” Mr Rijal shared.

Mediterranean design elements are evident throughout the flat, particularly in the details. The couple had engaged their interior designer from PinkK upon a friend’s recommendation, and spent around $80,000 to transform their home.

They chose to take their time with the renovation, in order to curate the right furniture and accessories to fit the concept they had in mind. “We think it’s pretty much complete now, but we are always looking for small items to spruce up the house,” Mr Rijal said with a laugh.

A patterned carpet adds to the warm and cosy vibe of the home

Guests are greeted by a mural wall featuring a photo of Alhambra shot by Mr Rijal

A collection of framed photos from the Rijals’ travels decorate their living space

An avid angler who has been rearing fish since young, Mr Rijal decided to set up an aquarium of his dreams as a centrepiece in the living room. “I believe our home should reflect our personalities, so that it is where we always want to return to,” he explained.

Mr Rijal with his collection of fishing rods

The custom-made aquarium is an ecosystem in itself, requiring minimal maintenance after the initial setup. Utility bills are kept low as the water is recycled, and the fish are fed only once a day.

A moving picture that provides a relaxing view

Another source of pride and joy is their predominantly white kitchen against a backdrop of distinctive tiles, which is complemented by white appliances and crockery for a consistent look. The space is filled with personal touches, including the travel mementos and cabinet door knobs chosen by Mrs Rijal.

The breakfast counter is the perfect spot for conversation over a pot of the Rijals’ favourite orange tea

The chairs were salvaged and repainted white

The couple chose the resale flat in Pasir Ris, due to its convenient location and proximity to family. Describing the town as peaceful with a kampung vibe, the Rijals are certainly content with their home.

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