Having resided in the eastern part of Singapore all her life, Maureen documents her experiences as she explores different parts of the heartland. Follow Maureen on her photo journey and see Bukit Batok through her lenses!

Healthcare professional by day (and sometimes night), Maureen Teo is a hobbyist photographer in between. With a mobile phone on hand, the 26-year-old often explores the island and documents her adventures on Instagram.

An architectural shot of the housing blocks at Selegie Road
Photo: @mauvxx

Inspired by her surroundings, Maureen enjoys taking architectural shots with her own unique aesthetic. “There’s just something about the medley of different lines and shapes. From towering skyscrapers to unique housing blocks, every building in Singapore tells a different story,” she says with a smile.

The Mobile Phone Photographer

Instead of a camera, Maureen usually embarks on her photo journeys with just her phone in hand.

Maureen explores and photographs the heartland in her free time

“Mobile phones are definitely handier for my photography – especially when I’m hopping across different parts of the island,” Maureen shares. “Each piece of equipment has its pros and cons. For example, cameras may be bulkier but they’re better for macro and night shots.”

One of Maureen’s many snapshots of the heartland
Photo: @mauvxx

Besides using her phone to snap photos, Maureen also edits them on the go. “My mobile phone is like a one-stop shop for my photography needs, “she says.

Journey to the West: Exploring Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok MRT station

Visiting Bukit Batok for the first time, Maureen was charmed by what the town has to offer. Her first stop was at the bustling Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre, where a wide variety of amenities including eating houses, shops, a wet market and community spaces, are located.

Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre
A stall owner busy tending to his store (left) and residents gathered for a round of chess (right)

As she weaved through rows of shops, a provision shop quickly caught Maureen’s eye. Within minutes, she was reminiscing about cola-flavoured sweets and sour gummies from her childhood with the shop owner.

The friendly provision shop owner who welcomed us into the neighbourhood

“As an east-sider, the western part of Singapore feels a little foreign to me. I grew up in a neighbourhood where everyone is well-acquainted, and to experience the same in an unfamiliar space is very comforting – I feel like I’m home even when I’m not,” Maureen laughs. “It’s nice to see how close-knit communities form the same way across different towns!”

In addition to neighbourly communities and charming shared spaces, the town is also home to several nature spots, including Bukit Batok Town Park, also known as Little Guilin.

Residents enjoying the scenic view at Little Guilin

A short stroll from Bukit Batok MRT station, the park features a stunning lakeside view. “I’m pleasantly surprised at how accessible the park is,” says Maureen, who also loves spending time in nature. “I also appreciate how tranquil the stroll to the park is – I feel like I’m overseas!”  

Other than parks, green spaces can also be found throughout the neighbourhood. For instance, Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre features rooftop greenery, as well as a community herb garden tended lovingly by residents.

An aerial view of Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre, a neighbourhood centre that was spruced up under rejuvenation efforts in 2017
The community herb garden

“Even if it was for a day, I had a great time photographing and exploring Bukit Batok. While it might be a non-mature estate, Bukit Batok is home to a full range of amenities. If I wasn’t such a staunch east-sider, I might just consider moving  to this part of the island,” Maureen grins.

Bukit Batok has 960 flats on offer under HDB’s first Sales Launch exercise of the year –  find out more details of the project here. Check out the other BTO projects on offer at HDB’s Flat Portal.

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