HDB flats comes in a variety of designs, some of which have achieved iconic status over the years. We’ve put together a list of Instagram worthy HDB projects that have won HDB Design Awards. Whether you’re a budding photographer, exploring different photography styles or looking to explore Instgram worthy places in Singapore, take a trip to the heartlands and you’ll be surprised at the architecture HDB estates have to offer!

1. An Urban Jungle

Sky Parc @ Dawson is one of the 2021 HDB Design Award winners
Photo: Design Link Architects

If juxtaposition is your cup of tea, check out Sky Parc @ Dawson for the urban jungle (literally) feels. This hyper contemporary West World-like project is the latest addition to the Dawson Estate in Queenstown.

Modern in its colour combination and architectural form, the project is surrounded by mature greenery that has been conserved and carefully integrated – a feature of the Dawson Estate, creating an interesting visual contrast. A day trip to the precinct would uncover plenty of Instagram worthy spots.

2. Old VS. New

St George’s Towers is one of the 2020 HDB Design Award winners for housing
Photo: LOOK Architects

Capturing the old and new in a single frame creates an interesting visual of evolution and the passage of time. Mature estates in Singapore are constantly rejuvenated with new BTO housing precincts added to them, and this makes them ideal. A good candidate is the Instagram worthy HDB project, St George’s Towers, which sits in the mature estate of Kallang/Whampoa. The precinct is(?) surrounded by HDB flats built from the 70s to 90s, which are simpler and more utilitarian in design.

3. Leading Lines and Patterns

Eastlink I and II is one of the 2021 HDB Design Award winners for mixed development
Photo: SAA Architects

Good use of leading lines and patterns can draw the viewer’s eye in a specific direction or towards a designated portion of the photograph to create a visually interesting photograph. While it might take some practice and experience to truly master these concepts, having a subject with clear outlines would certainly help. Eastlink I and II @ Canberra make Instagram worthy subjects, as the buildings apply a jagged outline to its façade, breaking up the monotonous flat surfaces. The result is a goldmine for creative application of camera angles and perspectives. The project is also the only HDB Design Award winner under the mixed development category that is featured here.

4. Keeping It Minimal

Fofar Heights is one of the 2021 HDB Construction Award winners for housing
Photo: BHCC Construction

As clichéd as it is, sometimes less is really more. Having fewer elements in a photograph and focusing on the subject could create a greater visual impact. Tall HDB blocks create opportunities for minimalistic shots of HDB flats with the sky as canvas. This style of photography is not only easy on the eyes but also makes your subject pop which is perfect for the ‘gram. Forfar Heights which towers above its neighbouring buildings is a good example of this.

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