While working-from-home (WFH) has its appeal, some may find themselves missing the catch up sessions with colleagues at the pantry, or having a dedicated workspace.

With WFH is here to stay, here are some ideas to spruce up your home office, to inspire you and get your work mojo back.

1. Co-Work at Home

If you’re one who thrives on face-to-face interactions, transform your dining table into a co-working space! Family members can join you at the table to work, or for a quick chat over snacks so you will feel less alone while working.

Tip: Divvy up your table by the number of “co-workers” you have so that everyone has ample space!

2. Adopt a Productive Workspace

A messy workspace can result in a messy headspace. If you’re guilty of a cluttered home office and feeling low on productivity, it’s probably time to declutter. Swop out post-its for a notepad to keep track of daily tasks, or stay neat by keeping your documents in storage boxes or folders.

Tip: Organisation is key – keep only the essentials on your tabletop while working.

3. Switch Up Your Working Space

Feeling restless sitting at the same desk all these months? A change in work environment can help to boost creativity and provide inspiration. Shift your workspace to a different room, preferably one with plenty of natural light and some scenery to enjoy the #HDBeautiful views from.

Tip: Try to move to a new spot with a view of the greenery outdoors so you can relax your eyes and mind in between emails.

4. Create a Cosy Corner

Photo: Pinterest

Been working on your bed or couch with a makeshift table? Create a functional study nook with some compact furnishings! Not only are they practical and comfortable, these work-from-home essentials also help with maximising space.

Tip: Mount a foldable study table to the wall to optimise space in the room.

Got other design ideas to spruce up the home office? Let us know!

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