There is nothing more inspiring than a home filled with art. It gives your space some WOW factor. If you think this means buying expensive art pieces, our ideas on creating an arty home will change your mind!

Focal Walls

An entire wall in your home can be turned into a work of art. Geometric walls make a big statement and they give an edgy punch to your room. Circles, triangles, hexagons, or modular wallpaper patterns make for an eye-catching and mesmerising focal point. Since these designs are on the wallpaper, changing them would be easy once you are ready for something new. You can experiment with bold and unique patterns in your home.

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Accent Furniture

Accent furniture such as coffee table, chairs, and cabinets add personality and style to your room, and it is an easy way to make a statement without having to spend lots. In general, choose accent pieces which have stand-out features such as stylised design or bright colours to add that artistic value to your room. Just like art galleries, you need only a handful of carefully curated furniture to uplift the room decor.

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Indoor Greens

Plants are a great way to take a room to the next level. Besides bringing colour and freshness to the home, they help to add style points when they are used as decorative pieces. Play with different plant sizes and leaf designs. For example, have big plants near large furniture or use them to give life to empty corners. Smaller plants can be added to the mix to complement the bigger plants.

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Lights and Lamps

Lighting can serve as artistic statement pieces. Choose lighting fixtures with distinctive shapes, colour and designs, whether stylish and modern or traditional and vintage. Pendant lighting in the form of diamond shapes are trendy right now, and will go well with most interior décor themes.

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Here is a bonus tip. You can introduce unexpected elements to create pockets of visual impact within your home. For example, an asymmetric photo arrangement or by having traditional artworks or calligraphy hung on a wall behind your modern-looking furniture.

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