While interior design trends come and go, there are some that have consistently remained as crowd favourites – and it’s easy to see why. From design elements to incorporating greenery, here are 5 interior ideas that are here to stay.

1. Fluted Glass

Fluted glass, or ribbed glass, is a textured vertical glass. Unlike conventional glass, this glass type offers a small degree of privacy while still allowing the filtration of natural light. Given its unique texture, this interior design trend is also a great way to add some fun and character to the space. Find out how you can further embrace the fluted glass trend here.

2. Curves

Photo: Home Tours: A Monochrome Home of Black, White & Grey

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, curves are used to ‘soften’ the overall look of the interior. This popular interior design trend mostly takes the form of arches or corners of the table. Plus, since curved tables can also help with maximising seating space – this design element is a win-win.

3. Two-Toned Colours

This fun interior design trend is relatively simple to execute – simply paint the walls with two colours to create an instant contrast. From the common living area to the bathrooms, the ceiling is the limit for this trend.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different wall finishings and to go beyond paint when incorporating this design idea! For instance, instead of opting for a fully tiled wall, consider having a half painted and half tiled wall, pictured above.

4. Eco-Friendly Furnishings

The next interior design trend focuses on using sustainable materials to design your home.

Photo: Home Tours: A Boho-Chic Home Full of Thrifted Treasures

Some sustainable materials you can consider when choosing your furniture are bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood and rattan. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are claimed to be long-lasting as well – find out you can incorporate vintage and upcycled furnishing in your home.

5. Green Home Décor

Having greenery in your home can liven up the area and make the space more welcoming
Photo: Home Tours: A Little Slice of Morocco

Incorporating greenery can liven up your home space. For the not-so-green-thumbs, consider opting for lower-maintenance plants such as succulents or faux plants. From big, potted plants to hanging planters to vertical gardens, the possibilities are endless with plant décor.

Photo: Home Tours: A Little Slice of Morocco

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  • Fitri Diana